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Hey peoples,
Well last night I finally finished the new album. We started w a bunch of songs, a couple of guys, a couple of gals and alot of food - after about two months of sleepless nights and good times it's finished.
"Faya" as I dubbed her was recorded in an old school house on a hill (appropriately named "a house on the hill") and we basically moved a complete 24 track studio into this beautiful abode.
The atmosphere of the room was seductive and I am truly grateful to the people who put their souls, or something like it, into this project....Anders Tingsek, Per Nordmark, Daniel Frank, Dan Englund, Peter Anderson, Lotta Wenglén, Nina Persson, Tomas Ebrelius, Carl Granberg, Craig Schumacher, David Carlson, Johan Hansson, Kerstin o Anna Grevelius, Tias Carlson etc etc.
I think she'll be out on the 19th of October and within a couple of
weeks I will once again be hitting the roads....and I will see you


Posted on August 13, 2005 | Permalink