Christian Kjellvander archive - 2007

On tour in Sweden

Christian Kjellvander on tour in Sweden. Support: Kristofer Åström.

15 nov – Växjö, Palladium
17 nov – Västerås, Sigurdsgatan 25
23 nov – Borås, Sagateatern
24 nov - Jönköping, Bongo Bar
25 nov – Göteborg, Trädgår'n
30 nov – Borlänge, S2
1 dec – Gävle, Spegeln
2 dec – Stockholm, Rival
7 dec – Norrköping, Hörsalen/Konsert Republik
8 dec – Malmö, KB
9 dec – Skövde, Stadsteatern

More info at the Luger website [URL]

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New video!

Watch the video for "Two Souls" [URL]

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Christian will do some instore-gigs in Sweden when the new record is released. Don't miss!!!

7/11 17:00 Bengans STHLM
7/11 19:00 Skivringen STHLM
8/11 18:00 Najz Prajz Örebro
9/11 17:00 Bengans GBG
10/11 13:00 Folk å Rock Helsingborg

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Pre-book the new album!

Pre-book the new album at Bengans [URL]

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Listen to the new single

The new song "Two souls" is now available for yr listening's the first single off the new record "i saw her from here/i saw here from her" which will be out on Startracks/V2 on nov the 7th. A video for the the track has been made by the eminent robinovich and will be posted on my MySpace page [URL] and on youtube asap.....take care
Christian Kjellvander @ Myspace [URL]

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Celebration party

Mejeriet in Lund (S) is celebrating 20 years and 28 september there will be a big pary there. Lots of bands and dj's... and Christian will sing one song. The show is sold out.

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Show added

A show in Eksjö (S) added.

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In the studio!

Christian is now in the studio recording the new album "I saw her from here/I saw here from her.". The album will be released in October... and guess what... up on Youtube there' a clip with Christian singing one of the new songs. Watch it here: [URL]

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Summer shows

Christian will do four shows this summer. Check the tourdates.

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One more date is added to the tour

One more date is added to the tour, 070508 Bilbao (E) - Bar Keseakava.

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New tourdates

New tourdates. Christian Kjellvander will be support-act for Logh.

070430 Berlin (GER), - Lido SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070501 Leipzig (GER) - Moritzbastei SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070502 Magdeburg (GER) - Projekt 7 SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070503 Bielefeld (GER) - Forum SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070504 Frankfurt (GER) - Tanzhaus West SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070505 Hasselt (B) - Muziekodroom SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070506 Antwerpen (B) - Trix SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070509 Madrid (ES) - Moby Dick SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070511 Lissabon (P) - Santiago Alquimista SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070512 Barcelona (ES) - Apolo 2 SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070515 Lausanne (CH) - Le Romandie SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070516 Winterthur (CH) - Salzhaus SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070517 Bern (CH) - ISC SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070520 Wien (A) - Chelsea SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070521 München (GER) - Kranhalle SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070522 Köln (GER) - Gebäude 9 SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070523 Münster (GER) - Gleis 22 SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070524 Hamburg (GER) - Hafenklang SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070525 Potsdam (GER) - Tanztage Potsdam SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070526 Hannover (GER) - Café Glocksee SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070527 Dresden (GER) - Sunset Mission Festival or Scheune SOLO (support-act for Logh)
070528 Karlsruhe (GER) - Stadtmitte SOLO (support-act for Logh)

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Best live-act award

Christian has been awarded "Rockskallen", Gotlands Allehandas annual best live-act award.

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