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Christian Kjellvander - The Pitcher

Christian Kjellvander is one of the few who just keeps doing it, without compromise, without looking back and with only albums as the incentive. "The Pitcher" is his fifth solo record since the 2002 debut "Songs from a two-room chapel". Recorded in an old church on the Swedish countryside this massive piece of work is perhaps his most elegant and well-crafted album to date.

I see Christian driving his Subaru Forrester across the back roads of Sweden. The road is as straight and as minimalistic as can be. To the left an ancient forest. To the right a canyon. Between the lines - eloquence.

In the back seat is the cornerstone of his new album. A guitar with associations to Leonard Cohen, an amplifier that once belonged to Neil Young and a voice as deep as the honesty it spells. We often glorify, romanticize, mystify the laborious, but we tend to forget that they are among us now.

In an old church on the Swedish countryside - that is both home to...

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Upcoming shows

  • Nov 10 Oslo @ Gamla
  • Nov 11 Kristinehamn @ Mat,agasinet
  • Nov 12 Malmö @ KB
  • Nov 25 Sandviken @ The Church
  • Nov 26 Uppsala @ Katalin
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News Headlines

  • Listen to the first single of the new record. Aug 29
  • New record. A Village: Natural Light. Release 14 october. Aug 16
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