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Check out some pictures from the tour, click on "pictures".
Merry christmas!

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Christian and Faya are nominated for a Grammis in the category Best rockalbum, solo. You read about it here.

Don't forget all the live-songs at CDON. Now there is twelve songs for download:




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A gig in Borlänge (S) on Thursday is added to the tour dates.

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There's now 6 songs to download on
And... Christian is still on Tracks. Please vote before 14:00 today, thanks!!!
A new tourdate is added. Christian will play at the festival Umeå Open 7-9 april 2006.

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Here's the links to CDON.COM where you can download the liverecordings. Choose link after which country you live in:




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Christian is still on Tracks so it's time to vote again!

The first three liverecordings from the tour is now available for download on CDON.COM. Every week it will be more songs from the tour to download, total 15 songs.

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And finally the pictures section has been updated

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Time to vote on Tracks again.
Also check out CDON.COM to buy the first liverecordings next week. It's great!!!

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The first dates on the tour are being recorded and will be exclusively released as a donwload Live -album via
CDON.COM later in november. More info about it will come.

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Tourdates are updated, new dates in both Sweden and Europe.

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The gig in Uppsala yesterday was great! Aftonbladet liked it!
Did you miss Christian on TV4? Then you can see everything on web-tv:
Drunken Hands
Foreign Rain

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Vote for Christian Kjellvander on Tracks. You can only vote from Saturday 14:00 to Monday 14:00 so hurry!

There’s only about 50 tickets left for Christians show at Södra Teatern in Stockholm so buy your ticket now!!!

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On Monday 7/11-05 Christian will be on the tv-program Tracks and sing one song. Time 19:00.


Support-act on the tour will be:
26/10-05 Tiger Lou
29/10-19/11-05 Tias Carlsson 25/11-4/12-05 Danny George Wilson (Grand Drive)

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Christian will play one or two songs at the club Lights Are Changing at Landet (Telefonplan in Stockholm) on 27th October. Hello Saferide and Asha Ali will also play.

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Christian Kjellvander will be on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon 9/11-05.

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Christian will play at Sonic magazine 5-years-anniversary at Mondo 24/11-05. There will be a lot of artists playing a few songs each. More info at:
and you can buy your ticket at Ticnet

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Listen to some songs from Christians new album here!!!

Drunken Hands
Drag The Dirt In

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See the video for "Drunken Hands":
Christian Kjellvander - Drunken Hands Video (high.wmv)

Christian Kjellvander - Drunken Hands Video (low.wmv)

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Christian will do a showcase-gig in Berlin (D) at Quasimodo 15/11-05.

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Three more dates are added to the tour.

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Some more instore-gigs.
Jukebox (Malmö): 18/10 Kl. 18.30

Folk & Rock (Lund) : 19/10 Kl. 18.00

Bengans (GBG): 22/10 Kl 13.30

Najz Prajz (Örebro) : 26/10 Kl. 18.00

Pet Sounds (STHLM): 27/10 Kl. 18.30

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Christian will do some instore-gigs:
Bengans (Göteborg) Saturday 22/10 kl. 13.30
Pet Sounds (Stockholm) Wednesday 27/10 kl. 18.30

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The Discography section has been updated with both new and old records.

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New tourdates!!! More will come. Support act from 9/11-05 to 19/11-05 will be Tias Carlson.

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Woody Gbg (Swe) 5 years, Saturday 24/9 at MC club Motherfreak in Mölndal. Allstar Band including Christian will play live. (Other artists: Kristofer Åström, Britta Persson, Maria from Pujskins and some more.)

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Hey peoples,
Well last night I finally finished the new album. We started w a bunch of songs, a couple of guys, a couple of gals and alot of food - after about two months of sleepless nights and good times it's finished.
"Faya" as I dubbed her was recorded in an old school house on a hill (appropriately named "a house on the hill") and we basically moved a complete 24 track studio into this beautiful abode.
The atmosphere of the room was seductive and I am truly grateful to the people who put their souls, or something like it, into this project....Anders Tingsek, Per Nordmark, Daniel Frank, Dan Englund, Peter Anderson, Lotta Wenglén, Nina Persson, Tomas Ebrelius, Carl Granberg, Craig Schumacher, David Carlson, Johan Hansson, Kerstin o Anna Grevelius, Tias Carlson etc etc.
I think she'll be out on the 19th of October and within a couple of
weeks I will once again be hitting the roads....and I will see you


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NEWS!!! Christians new album will be out in October. Soon there will be more info here about it.

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Christian will be out on tour in England this July. He will be the support-act for Danny George Wilson (from Grand Drive). Jess Klein will also play on all dates.
Tuesday 12th July 2005: BIRMINGHAM Bar Academy
Wednesday 13th July 2005: LIVERPOOL Carling Academy 2
Friday 15th July 2005: BEDFORD Star Rowing Club
Monday 18th July 2005: BRISTOL St. Bonaventure's Club
Tuesday 19th July 2005: BRIGHTON Hanbury Ballroom
Wednesday 20th July 2005: LONDON Bar Academy

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Two shows at Slussenpensionatet/Henån added.

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First festival-gig is now booked. Strandfestivalen in Oskarshamn in July.

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Two shows added. One in Berlin (Germany). Logh and José Gonzalez will also be playing. The other one in Gothenburg (Sweden). This show is to support Mattias Hellberg, who also will be playing, because he got robbed on the European-tour.

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Some European tourdates added!

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Two shows in Åre (Swe) added.

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Two tourdates in France added.

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