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Songs From A Two-Room Chapel


Swedish singer-songwriter with a winning blend of American/European folk, country and rock. A graduate of the Jay Farrar School of Earthy Americana and Rhodes scholar at the Richard Buckner Academy of Moody Soundscape Architecture, Swedish Christian Kjellvander is as natural and gifted a songwriter as his aforementioned peers. Having lived in the US up until 1993 he's clearly kept a close eye on the alternative country scene since, delving into its roots, and forming his own band Loosegoats to rival those across the ocean. Tapping early US and European folk heritage for its first solo effort, he conjures Cold Mountain era battle-worn ballads, dark empty moonlit skies and the warm glow of the waiting open fire in these ten exquisite tracks. Electric guitar accompanied by driving heart-beating drums make strident efforts to provide a rocky adrenaline edge, while synthesisers and piano ground the undulating homebound melodies, and Mellotron and saw lift the songs into a heavenly space of wonderment. Beautiful and timeless.