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Songs from a Two-Room Chapel

The Irish Times

The Scandinavian influence an American music may not be great but there is no doubting the observe. Christian Kjellvander apparently moved to Sweden from the US in the early 1990s. He formed a band, The Loosegoats, who released a number of well-received albums. Now he has released his first solo album. Put simply, it is a cracker. Kjellvander is a pagpie of influences, bith European and American - bit of the Jayhawks here , a touch of Townes Van Zandt there, a sense of Fairport Convention here and there. References dot the landscape of the 10 tracks but Kjellvander navigatesthem with ease, creating his own world of twangy, folky reflection and mood-filled melody. It's all in English and tracks to watch out for include the ringing opener Homeward Rolling Soldier, Allelujah and Polish Daughter.